One of the popular beauty trends this year includes eating specific foods as an attempt to improve the quality and color of your skin. The Internet is abuzz with many articles that focus on this or that exotic vegetable that is supposed to improve the overall appearance of your skin, reduce wrinkles, and decrease signs of aging. Because there are so many different wonder foods out there, it is important to understand which fruits and vegetables, if any, actually do improve skin’s appearance.

For years people have looked for various ways to decrease the signs of aging using various natural masks, creams, and diets to improve the appearance of their skin. Most people have either seen, or tried a cucumber-based mask, or even placed them directly on their eyes to try and improve the skin around their eyes or on their face. This remedy may have merit in its own right, but recently people have begun looking at many other fruits and vegetables to try and improve their skin.

More recently, sunless tanning products have become more possible, some scientists have started to question whether eating fruits and vegetables that have a natural orange appearance will increase the color in your skin. Although people have known for centuries that eating too many carrots, for example, can lead to serious diseases that will discolor your skin, some people now think that eating fruits and vegetables with an orange or yellow color-apricots, peaches, carrots, squash, lemons-will increase the tone of your skin naturally. Types of fish and certain nuts are also popular for the same reason; some even think that the pink color of salmon will add a dark tone to your skin. However, this color association trend has not been officially approved by most health experts and may be nothing more than speculation at this point.

Other foods that people are beginning to associate with better skin tone are popular today. Many of these foods are high in anti-oxidants, like blueberries, and others have a link to skin health that is simply unclear at this point, like peas and beans. Most experts agree that if any of these foods are actually good for improving skin color and reducing wrinkles, it is because these foods are good for your body in many ways. Regardless of the specific benefits, it is clear that eating fruits and vegetables, of any shape and variety, will add significantly to your overall health.